In NISI, we give great importance to supporting social causes, and as members of society we all have to strive for a more beautiful and fair world.

For this reason, Wheeling2help, a volunteer group, organizes many activities on the basis of sport, environment, culture, education and volunteering at NISI.We maintain our own vegetable garden, we do composting, recycling, organize beach cleaning, tree planting, hiking, documentary screenings, travel presentations and volunteering for students, blood donations, robotics laboratories, renewable energy sources.

In fact, the Sea Change ReMake Plastic Lab reuse plastic relay center is also being used to encourage pupils, students, teams, organizations, companies, bring their plastics which we reuse to something useful to society!

You can watch the program with the wonderful Wheeling2help training activities that take place daily and visit us with your family or with your school.

For more information, / 22380 31809.