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At NISI we feel very concerned when it comes to the impact of our actions as humans to the society and the environment that we live in.


A big part of our philosophy, therefore, is to do our best at mobilising our neighbourhood, our visitors and our community to care as well for what is important.

We aspire to lead by setting the example for the generations to come.




That is why we support, all year long, the projects of Wheeling2Help, a local NGO whose activity is about spreading the values of Volunteering in Greece and around the world.  Last year many of their projects had a positive impact in our NISI multi-space . You can see some of their 2017 activities and projects below:

Raches4Life – Ράχες για τη Ζωή : A Walk-Run for Cancer

More than 1000 adults and children supported Raches4Life cause by donating and running, enabling Wheeling2Help to collect money for the Hospital of Lamia for which they managed to buy a tumour scanner.





Monthly Beach Clean Ups at the beaches around Raches, in collaboration with the Parents Association and the Cultural Association of Raches “Alopi”.



Briefing from the Coast Guard of Stylida regarding the safety of children in and out of the sea.



If you would like to participate or organise a volunteering project at NISI check our Events Calendar or Contact us via email at

If you would like to participate in the projects of Wheeling2Help in Greece and around the world check their facebook page or contact them via





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