Become one with your nature


NISI provides tents, but also unique types of accommodation that will satisfy all tastes for couples, families, friends! Our tents are made out of canvas and  natural materials.

Glamping (Glamorous Camping) is a new trend in the world of Camping and our NISI has already managed to be one of the first places in Greece that it combines  Nature and comfort. Think of spacious tents, mattress and beds in ethnic style decoration. All our accommodation options include power, heating, fan, personal lounge and much more.

Eco House

From: 45,00€ Night

Try Glamping in an Eco-Building in the unique Cob Houses Handcrafted using  Greek soil, straw, stone....

Tiny Home

From: 35,00€ Night

Spend your night in a Tiny Home and feel like that is all you need !...


From: 80,00€ Night

Our ethnic Bungalows each with an attic and decor inspiration from Asia and Africa! The houses...


From: 55,00€ Night

The treehouse we all dreamed of as children, ideally nestled among the branches for relaxing evenings...

Cob Tent

From: 45,00€ Night

Try Glamping in the unique Cob tents with an interior design of Greek soil: earth, straw,...

Bell Tent LUX

From: 70,00€ Night

Live the ultimate experience of Glamping with luxury and comfort in natur with our Lux tents....

Bell Tent LARGE

From: 50,00€ Night

Our Large Bell tents are the perfect choice for 3 people and will charm you with...

Bell Tent MINI

From: 35,00€ Night

The experience of Glamping in a concentrated size for 2 persons, ideal for  few days of...


From: 10,50€ Night

Camping in our space with your own tent or caravan. In a grassy space with adequate...