NISI is the ultimate place for relaxation and adventure!

For those coming from a very difficult year with fatigue and anxiety, time will stop under our splendid shady plane trees and the breeze will destress you while drinking your refreshing juice!
Also we have a lot of choices for those who love action and adventure.

RACHES – Our Village

Raches is a beautiful coastal village in Eastern Fthiotida, built in the place of Ancient Alopi Town. It is the perfect place for relaxation .

All the summer, the village is full of energy and liveliness. Raches are also famous for their excellent food and summer sports.


Swimming at


A paradise on earth is just 3 nautical miles from Raches. The verdant islands with the immense light blue colors with the name “Lichadonisia” constitute the precious secret that definitely worth visiting!

For the more adventurous, who want to explore reefs of unparalleled beauty, rich and varied aquatic life, wrecked ships with inscribed history, caves and secluded islands, the Diving School VDiveClub offers attractive packages.

Kite Surf


The “Lighthouse” in Raches is one of the best spots in the Mediterranean for Kite surf.

Kitesurfers say that this beach is ideal due to the stability of the winds. It also has one unique feature, a stripe separating the spot into flat and wave. Many athletes from different regions of Greece, but also from abroad,come to this amazing surf spot.

Contact the Raches Watersports team for more information.

The Melas Tower at Ahinos for


The stone circular tower directs you to the boutique winery “La Tour Melas” while driving steeply on the slope above Achinos, Fthiotida. The beautiful winery of Cyrus Mela is clearly inspired by French estates, just like his wines. It is a great place with good tasting wines, and definitely worth visiting.

At the foot of Othrys for


We may be in front of the sea,but also the mountains hold their own magic! A very beautiful and relatively easy hike that is very close to us is starting from Paleokerasia, crossing the river Vella, passing the canyon and reaching the waterfalls and springs.

On the way back, it is worth to make a picnic at the chapel of Saint Dimitrios, and for the more daring, a dive in the frozen springs!

Exploring by


The most beautiful way to explore a place is of course by bicycle.

A beautiful route, without any difficulty, would get you to pass by the wonderful fishing villages of the area starting from the picturesque Achladi, continuing towards Raches beach by Faros, Kouvelas, Achinos ending at Karavomylos. Beautiful natural environment, olive groves, beaches, old residences and hospitable people who will make your walk special!

For bikes hire talk to our reception staff.

SUP and


Rent one of our kayaks or SUP and ride on the calm waters of Maliakos early in the morning and discover the bay and head alongside the beach towards the village of Achladi. Ideal for your daily workout.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us!