We Organise your Events

Events consist one of the main functions of NISI since daily we are hosting multiple events even at the same time on all of the available open or closed spaces of NISI!

Being so accessible as only 2 hours from Athens or Thessaloniki, our great environment (next to the sea, and among trees), but also the alternative and quality accommodation and food options that we offer, make NISI the best place to host your own special event. Here is a list of events we have successfully taken up so far :

  • Festivals
  • Cultural Nights
  • Concerts
  • Themed Nights
  • Open Air Cinema
  • Kids Parties
  • Baptism Parties 
  • yoga retreats
  • team buildings
  • Conferences
  • kids summer camps
  • sport camps αθλητικών συλλόγων
  • σχολικές εκδρομές
  • Reunion
  • Building and Arts Workshops
  • Cooking and Baking seminars

And so much more !

Raches Summer Festival is organised by our NISI events team for the 3rd year and has successfully managed to bring together some of the biggest events in our area. The Events are targeted towards all ages and cover a wide arange of interests.

Do not hesitate to contact us at info@nisi.com.gr or call us at +30 2238031809 to organise together your event!