A small fishing village surrounded by nature and history

A natural link between South and the North, Fthiotida is the hub,

the center of Central Greece.

It is where the impressive coastline reaches mount Oiti  and Othrys and the long Greek history stands proud and unchanged. Generously gifted by nature with therapeutic springs and great mountains, rich in flora and fauna, Raches is the ideal destination to explore Fthiotida.

Raches is a beautiful coastal village of around 1000 residents .  It is located at the region of Fthiotida , 35 km from the capital city of Lamia, built on the ruins of the Ancient City of Alopi.

Raches has been long time now a place for rest and a destination for summer vacation for locals and visitors, with many beaches according to everyones tastes.

During the summer time, the village is full of people that fill the place with energy. Raches are also famous for their excellent local restaurants.

For those who love fish, the unique tavern of Mr Yannis “Lemvarchion” has long been a well kept secret with its original dishes. For a wide selection of well cooked  Italian pasta and pizza our favourite is La Piazza

After, a long walk up and down the promenade take a rest to try the famous waffles with ice-cream at Friends cafe, and for a unique American Western atmosphere we recommend a visit to El Paso !

For the Greeks summer is also synonym of music and great parties. At Bojo Summer Club, the local legendary bar, you can find yourself dancing till the morning.



> TOP 5 things to do at Raches <



1.Kite Surfing at Faros (or the Lighthouse)



Actually at Raches you can find one of the most famous Kite Surf spots in the Mediterranean . At Cape Drepano, just at 1.2 km from our Campsite, there is a paradise dedicated to the lovers of sea sports !

Kite-surf lovers claim this beach is ideal due to its super flat water constant 25Knots! What’s more, the thin strip of land uniquely separates the spot to flat and wave! Every year many kite surfers from all across Greece and all over the world, as well as top class athletes, gather at Faros for fun rides!

For more info, kite-surf classes and helpful insights you can come in contact with the super team of Surf Camp Raches.



2.Swimming at Lichadonisia



Legend has it that Hercules himself scattered in the Maliakos Gulf these idyllic little islands, just 3 miles away from the shore of Raches.

Lichadonisia is a complex of several small green islands surrounded by light blue waters and white sand. One of the best kept secrets of the area, worthy for a full day visit for swimming & even snorkeling!

For those who love exploring the local aquatic diversity around the beautiful reefs, the historic shipwreck, the local friendly seals and more secluded islands and caves, the diving school VDiveClub arranges interesting tour packages !



3. Wine Tasting at La Tour Melas at Achinos



Wine has been an important part of Greek culture for over 6,500 years as the numerous archeological discoveries throughout Greece have revealed.

La Tour Melas is set in 11 hectares near the village of Achinos in central Greece,two and half hours drive north of Athens. On an altitude of 300m, the property is surrounded by ancient, untouched oak forests, overlooking the Aegean Sea . In 2001, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot vines were imported from France and planted. Subsequent expansion works gave rise to the tower ‘La Tour Melas’.

It’s signature stone circular tower leads you directly to the boutique winery of Cyrus Melas with a spectacular view of the surrounding hills and the Maliakos Gulf.  Undeniably , the estate of tour Melas is already classic and will continue to produce excellent Greek Wines  in the years to come!  For scheduled visit contact http://latourmelas.com/.


4. Hiking Vellas Gorge and Picnic at the spring of Agios Dimitrios.





Raches may be a seaside village, but it is surrounded by the mighty wild mountains of Othrys and plenty of smooth olive planted hills.

If you enjoy exploring and hiking we have a nice hiking routes to suggest !

A fairly easy , beautiful and diverse path starts just at the traditional Village of Paleokerasia, crosses the Vellas River through the gorge and ends up at the waterfalls and the springs.

On the way back, a nice stop for picnic at the shady spot of the little church of Agios Dimitrios and for those who dare, a refreshing dip at the cold waters of the spring !



5. Cycling the coast from Achladi to Karavomulos (10 Km)




The best way to explore a new place is cycling.

A beautiful and easy level seaside route, passes by the small fishing villages of the area. The route starts from the small ,quaint village of Achladi and continues by the flat seaside road in front of neighbourhoods where the citizens of Lamia have their summer houses. It passes Faros Cape, and a fair amount of green fields continuing all the way to Achinos  Village and finishing in Karavomulos, famous for its taverns. Beautiful natural environment, olive trees, beaches, old traditional homes and friendly villagers will make this a worthy excursion!


> Further sightseeing in the Area of Fthiotida <



The Castle of Lamia | The Archeological Museum | The statue of Leonidas and the Historical Information Centre of Thermopylae | Τhe Kakogiannio Planetarium School (Asteroscholio) | The Byzantine Castle and Museum of Ypati | The Natural History Museum of Oiti | The Gorgopotamos Bridge | The Church of Panagia Archondiki and the Agathonos Monastery


Outdoor activities in the national Park of Oiti | Swimming in Maliakos Gulf and the numerous beaches from Glyfa to Theologos | Shopping in the city of Lamia


The therapeutic Spas of YpatiThermopyles Natural Springs,  | View from Saint Loukas hill in Lamia and the squares of Pavliani | The famous “Katiki” cheese from Domokos and the rest dairy products of Lamia | Delicious sausages from west Fthiotida

For more information on what you can see during your stay at NISI do not hesitate to contact us !




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